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GaSe crystals

Idealphotonics offer z-cut, cleaved surface and mounted gallium selenide (GaSe) crystals. Custom clear apertures and crystal thicknesses from tens of microns up to several millimeters are available upon request. Due to fragile nature of GaSe it is not possible to apply antireflection coatings.

Name Price Operation
25.4mm x 0.5mm GaSe crystals $1200.00
25.4mm x 1mm GaSe crystals $1350.00
25.4mm x 2mm GaSe crystals $1500.00

● Broad transparency range from 0,65 μm to 18 μm

● Large nonlinearity and birefringence

● Soft and cleaves along [001] plane 

● Cannot be cut and polished at certain angles

● Comes uncoated and mounted for proper handling

Physical/Optical Characteristics

Physical and optical properties

Chemical formula


Crystal structure

Hexagonal,   -62m

Lattice parameters

a= 3,742 Å, c= 15,918 Å

Optical symmetry

Negative uniaxial (no>ne)


5,03 g/cm3

Mohs hardness


Transparency range

0,62-20 μm @ “0” transmittance   level

Sellmeier equations

no2 = 7,443 + 0,4050/λ2 + 0,0186/λ4 + 0,0061/λ6 + 3,1485 λ2/(λ2 - 2194);
  ne2 = 5,76 + 0,3879/λ2 - 0,2288/λ4 + 0,1223/λ6 + 1,8550 λ2/(λ2 - 1780)

Refractive indices

no = 2,8158; ne = 2,4392 @10,6 μm

GaSe crystals

Clear aperture

6 mm or custom

Surface quality

Cleaved surfaces


Uncoated, unavailable


25,4 mm black anodized aluminum mount


● Broadband mid-IR difference frequency generation

● Second harmonic (SH) of CO2, CO, dye lasers

● Terahertz (THz) generation by optical rectification

● Terahertz detectors for terahertz time domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS)