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Idealphotonics is a major supplier of laser components,detectors, Laser diodes, and light source and systems to the Scientific, Research and Industrial communities. We have the ability to design and manufacture our own ranges that are marketed under the Idealphotonics brands, and also provide world class laser products sourced from North American, European and Far Eastern companies. 

We are uniquely positioned to assist our customers, being able to:

Supply different Kinds of fiber and laser components 

Light Source, laser diodes(OEM is also available),laser detectors

Integrated chips and manufacture complex systems

Design and manufacture for Custom or OEM requirements of FOG,FBG,and BODTR systems The Idealphotonics own brand products include our award winning FOG systems,FBG monitoring products, laser components.Thanks for our laser diode packaging skills,we can use our laser diode for TDLAS application with best perormance.Also our light detector  factory can provide high sensitivity detectors for light signal detector.

All of our customers - from global academic institutions and government agencies through to commercial researchers and industry - are provided with the highest levels of service backed up by solid technical support from our team of experienced engineers. We have confidence in all the service we provide for you.

Solutions for Research and Industry 

We pride ourselves in offering Solutions Science for college ,Research and Industry. We employ the best-qualified staff and scientists to help you sift through the multitude of options available to get the equipment and systems that match your needs. That's Solution Science of Idealphotonics.

Please ask us; we may already have the answer. We can save you hours of trawling the web for information. Put us to work for you and we will save you time and money. We would like to provide you solutions of different applications rather than several products.Please click here for more details of Idealphotonics solutions. We employ Professionall physicists, scientists and mechanical designer to assist you with your product search or application, and to ensure that our advice is correct and balanced. The majority of the team have been with us for over five years, bringing with them a huge amount of experience for you to tap into. They will help you choose the right product. Our accounting and administration staff are also recruited from the best college in the world, ensuring that you have a high quality of service at all levels of the company.


20140525205807_12419.jpgWe have an ISO 9001:2008 certified state of the art product manufacturing facility in Vancouver ,shanghai. We have the product engineering skills and capabilities to design, manufacture and test a wide range of fiber optic products and integrated optics solutions.We also get the ROHS certificate to export of the goods all over the world.Idealphotonics also meets the requirements of ITAR Certification.Every component is also subjected to a rigorous burn-in test to ensure reliable performance in the years to come. All products are individually tested and inspected, prior to shipment, to guarantee specification conformance. A formal data sheet containing these test results accompanies each unit shipped.

Web Site  

Our web site only gives an overview of our extensive range. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our websites, why not e-mail us and we will try to track down the product you need. We are right here helping you find the right products to meet your requirement. 

  • Fiber laser


    Xiao Xiao (Shanghai) Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive solutions for fiber laser products. Our suppliers come from the world's top manufacturers, supporting the corresponding large core fiber cutting and end face matching. Solutions, we have many years of experience in fiber laser production. It can provide corresponding solutions for different types of fiber lasers. All devices include continuous working mode, pulse mode, high power and low power devices. Welcome to inquire.

    Fiber: we mainly supply Likkie optical fiber and Coractive optical fiber in Finland. At the same time, if customers have Nufern needs, we will assist customers in purchasing customs clearance. For details, please refer to our fiber-optic navigation bar.

    Seed source:
    Pump beam splitter Pump combiner
    We can customize various types of pump bundles for customers, multimode (2+1) *1, (6+1) *1, N*1 (N < 19), and partial N (2+1) *1, (6+1) *1, N*1. fiber can be specified by the client. We mainly use the pump combiner of Idealphotonics, which has high coupling efficiency and stable performance.
    Fiber Bragg grating

    Pattern matcher MFA
    Collimator / high power output isolator
    Fiber-optic end cap
    High power isolator
    Our high power isolator covers several watts to 100W, and the wavelength is complete. It is the first choice for your optical isolator. High isolation, low loss, long term and reliable stability.
    Detector PD
    Bandpass filter
    There are many kinds of filters in our stock. The bandwidth is complete. 1nm, 2nm, 5nm, 8m, 10nm, 1030-1064, and 1310/1550nm filters are stored in stock for a long time. Other special wavelengths can be customized. Other related specific matters, you can call to consult. We will answer for you enthusiastically. Click on more details of the product.