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Laboratory instructions

Instructions for visiting and using

1. open laboratory time:

Every lab day is open to 9:00-17:30, and statutory holidays are not open to the public.

In order to enable the laboratory to serve more users effectively, visitors must use the open laboratory in accordance with the application time, and the application time should not be more than 2 days. If the test is not completed within 2 days, please apply to the laboratory administrator, and the other time arrangement can not be used in time.

2. instructions for the use of the laboratory:

Please read the instructions for visitors to open laboratory carefully before applying for an open laboratory.

Laboratory users should be confirmed applicants and see the "laboratory application process".

Before making formal use of lab tests, if you need the test plan consultation, please make an appointment in the lab application form, and visit after confirmation.

Laboratory visitors should be accompanied by lab staff if they want to enter other working areas of the company.

Entry and exit registration: the visitor shows the confirmation letter at the front desk, fill in the entry and exit registration form of the open laboratory, and exchange and wear the customer's chest card with the valid ID that can prove the identity. After that, an open lab administrator came to receive visitors. At the end of the experiment, the visitor should return the badge at the reception desk and return the valid certificate.

According to the previous test requirements, visitors in principle can only use the relevant test instruments and their accessories.

Testing equipment and attachments use registration: the customer will use the test equipment and accessories from the administrator in accordance with the content applied in the application form, and fill in the registration form for the use of test equipment and accessories. During the period of the experiment, the applicant is responsible for the safekeeping of the equipment and accessories, and returned after the test. When all the equipment and accessories are verified, the registration form for the use of test equipment and accessories is signed. In case of loss or intentional damage, compensation is required at the original price.

When the test instruments and attachments are increased during the test, it is necessary to explain to the staff present in the laboratory that the open laboratory administrators are assisted in the deployment and use, and the non related test instruments and attachments other than the application form should not be used without authorization.

Visitors can carry their own meters and devices, but they need to explain the situation in advance.

Strictly abide by the operation rules and registration system of all kinds of instruments, and record the use of meters when registering.

You can not take photos, video and interview in the lab without the consent of the laboratory management.

3. open laboratory safety instructions:

Personal safety: visitors should be aware of their own safety during the experiment in an open laboratory. Before the test, the power supply, power, grounding and other safety related contents must be detailed. The open laboratory is irresponsible because of careless operation and safety problems caused by equipment failure.

Open laboratory instrument and equipment safety: visitors should read and follow the precautions in the manual when they are in the open laboratory. If there is any doubt, you can consult laboratory staff before starting the experiment, and use them according to the guidance. For normal instruments, instrument failure (except for intentional damage) occurs, and the open laboratory will not be held responsible for any visitor.

The visitors bring their own equipment safety: the visitors themselves properly manage to carry their own equipment and their own equipment, and the open laboratory is not responsible for any damages to them in the course of the experiment.

For all the non company items brought to the visitors, it is necessary to indicate on the front desk of the company, "the entry and exit form of the open laboratory,", to check if the items are in agreement with the registered ones, and can be released.

4. open laboratory secrecy notes:

Abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China

The laboratory strictly secrecy the following information: test data, test personnel and equipment related information.

Laboratory visitors are responsible for their own experimental data and information security.

(E) laboratory visitors can not acquire technical information from other visitors in any way.

5. the visitors' personal property is kept in custody.

Visitors should not store personal valuables in the open laboratory. The laboratory will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage of any personal property.

During the experiment, if you leave the lab for a long time, you should receive important documents and valuables.

If a visitor loses his or her belongings, he should immediately notify the laboratory administrator and protect the site, and fill in the lost report.

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