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New Optical Power Meter

The PM300 optical power meter provides two separate input channels, allowing for either two separate measurements or a combined measurement using math functions such as differential or sum measurements.

Both input channels are compatible with Thorlabs' selection of more then 20 power sensors including photodiode sensors, thermopile sensors and integrating spheres. Additionally the benchtop power meter also provides for inputs from any standard photodiode sensors (I<10mA) allowing the flexibility of power measurements with any calibrated photodiode making it ideal for measurements in different wavelengths such as Mid-IR. Dual Channel Optical Power Meter

The PM300 includes USB2.0 connection, LabView Drivers, programmable analog outputs with a bandwidth up to 100KHz, and a large LCD display. The new optical power meter is an addition to Thorlabs line of optical power meters with more then 30 different power meters with a variety of sensors including photodiode sensors, thermopile, fiber optic and integrating spheres for measurements in wavelengths from 200nm to 10.6µm and optical powers from 50nW to 30W.