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New Optical Spectrum Analyzers

The recently released OSA203 features a 1000 – 2500 nm wavelength measurement range, a spectral resolution of 7.5 GHz when used as an OSA, and a wavelength meter resolution of 0.2 pm. An additional model, designed for measurements in the visible spectrum, will be available soon. All of the OSAs feature an input aperture that accepts FC/PC-terminated fibers, ideal for interfacing with Thorlabs’ tunable laser kits, pigtailed laser diodes, and fiber collimators.

Thorlabs’ OSAs are provided with a laptop computer preloaded with a full software package for acquiring, inspecting, manipulating, and analyzing spectra and interferograms. The software that has a customizable graphical user interface makes it easy to identify spectral features, to measure optical output power over a wavelength range, and to track many other parameters as a function of time. The software also provides drivers and libraries to operate the OSA using C, C++, Java, or other programming languages. In addition, a set of LabVIEW routines is provided to assist with developing custom applications in that dynamic environment.

With the introduction of this line of OSAs, Thorlabs is offering a versatile, high-performance measurement tool at a price point that is accessible to a large number of researchers. To meet these goals, the OSAs have undergone extensive testing to ensure that the highest quality system has been delivered. To learn more about application ideas for our OSA and to see a demonstration of its capabilities, please visit our booths at the upcoming CLEO and Optatec tradeshows.